Nana Recipe Wednesday–Almond Salad

July 23, 2014

I can’t believe I haven’t made this salad already.  Somehow I’d never seen the card.  It has all the qualities I like in a recipe.  1) It’s easy.  2) I don’t really have to cook anything.  3) It’s easy.  4) It involves both fruit and vegetables.  5) It’s easy.  6) It tastes good. I know, […]

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Sonora Dogs

July 21, 2014

Besides doing a lot of traveling, this summer has also involved a lot of baseball, and therefore, a lot of hot dogs. In fact, because I was at the ballpark most of the weekend, I ate a hot dog every single day.  Maybe my plan to put Sonora hot dogs on the menu was a […]

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Nana Recipe Wednesday–Lemony Lamb Kebabs

July 16, 2014

Exactly what does one make for dinner when you’re feeding your six siblings and their spouses, along with their many, many (and I mean MANY) offspring?  Let’s ask Nana. Nana sez:  Make lemony lamb kebabs!  They are super easy to marinate and thread onto skewers and because the meat is cut up into small pieces, […]

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Pickled Jalapeños

July 14, 2014

I love pickled jalapeño slices.  I unabashedly pile them onto ballpark nachos, put them on hot dogs, chop ‘em up and mix them with various condiments to use as spreads or dips, etc.  There’s just something addicting about the slight heat mixed with that good vinegary tang.  I usually have a jar in the fridge, […]

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London Bites

July 2, 2014

Hi again from London!  Just thought I’d give you a wee glimpse of some of the things we’ve been noshing on here and there, besides beer. Crisps, of course (AKA potato chips).  You know I love a good potato chip and England’s Walker brand (which I suspect is the same as Lay’s) has some oddball flavours. […]

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