London Bites

by Sarah on July 2, 2014


Hi again from London!  Just thought I’d give you a wee glimpse of some of the things we’ve been noshing on here and there, besides beer. Crisps, of course (AKA potato chips).  You know I love a good potato chip and England’s Walker brand (which I suspect is the same as Lay’s) has some oddball flavours.  I used to get these prawn cocktail ones at my local pub but I stopped going to the pub.  I missed these crisps.


This Curiosity Cola was an impulse buy today.  You could say I was curious.  It has fermented ginger in it and therefore has a teeny amount of alcohol in it.  It’s like the Kombucha of Coke.  I liked it.


“Super Soft Ice Cream”.  It looked good but tasted a LOT like Cool Whip.  I ate it anyway.


The evening after eating at Gordon Ramsay, we couldn’t face another restaurant so we got take away food at the great Harrod’s food hall. Shown here is my chicken, ham and mustard pie (less than 3 pounds!) along with a lovely salad dressed with a sherry vinaigrette.  We also purchased some berries that cost 20 pounds.  I do not advise you to do that, although they are quite delicious.  Just go for the chicken pie.

More to come!

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