Hello from London

by Sarah on June 30, 2014

Undercover Caterer :: Rock and Sole Plaice Fish & Chips

Hi Readers.  I’m in London!  I’m with my son, who is getting ready to attend the University at Nottingham to study brewing over the summer. Yes, my child is majoring in beer.  I’m a lucky woman.

I’ll try to post some food photos here and there, but probably no recipes till I get back.  I’m sure you’ll understand.  This lovely plate of fried haddock came from Rock and Sole Plaice, in Covent Garden.  The fish was smashing!  That bowl of mayonnaise is supposed to be cole slaw, which to my American taste buds was not so smashing.  In fact, it was horrible.  I like mayo and all, but come on.  But the fish!  Divine.  And lots of choices–cod, haddock, plaice, sole, etc. etc.

More to come……………

Undercover Caterer :: London


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