Food Foto Friday–Pangea’s Caesar Salad

by Sarah on June 27, 2014


I have been craving Caesar salads lately.  I don’t know why.  I probably can count on one hand the number of Caesar salads I’ve ordered in restaurants since the wild Caesar salad craze of 1989–when it transformed from a nice, spare salad with a light anchovy and garlic dressing into a nearly unrecognizable bland pile of lettuce piled high with crappy cheese, unnecessary ingredients, and usually thick dressing that wouldn’t know an anchovy it you hit it over the head with one.

I was pleased to see that our little neighborhood beer joint had one on the menu a month or so.  It was good!  The lettuce didn’t taste of chlorine, like so many bagged salads, the cheese was real and the dressing wasn’t gloppy.  I didn’t see any anchovies but it was still tasty.

Still the Caesar cravings continued.  I stupidly went into a Jack’s Urban Eats one night and got one (by the way, they don’t allow dogs on the patio–FAIL) and it was gross.  Exactly how I described above, swimming in gloppy and somehow flavorless dressing and store-bought croutons.

Fast forward to this week.  Temperatures in the ’90’s, loads of work to get done, a trip to pack for, and *BONUS* all the pipes under our house had to be repaired (meaning no water for a day), meant I stopped by Pangea to grab dinner.  Ooh, that Caesar is on the regular menu. And, thankfully, that lovely Caesar from a couple of months ago was not a fluke and it was just as lovely as it was then.

In short, the Caesar is back.  You can welcome it back with open arms.  You’ll just have to make it yourself, or get over to Pangea and get one.


2743 Franklin Blvd, Sacramento CA

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