As The Worm Turns: Garden 2014

by Sarah on June 2, 2014


Here we are, with the annual summer garden.  The last couple of years were a big bust—half-hearted attempts were made, but not a lot of attention went into it–and surprise, surprise, it was a sucky garden.  Whatever, I was busy, yo.

This year I decided to get it together because it is stupid to not grow food when you live in California, where food practically grows itself.  Well, it DOES in fact grow itself.  Case in point:  The million fruit trees everywhere around town.

Above is the early days.  Maybe some time in April.  I booby-trap the garden beds to keep my damn cat out of them.


This was today.  Looking good.  Some tomatoes on the vine but nothing ripe.  Got a few peppers growing too, and some teeny little cucumbers.


This is the messy beginnings of a mini-orchard along the side of my house where previously we’d grown a strapping crop of weeds.


Today:  All cleaned up.  Drip system is in to water the trees, mulch and lavender between each tree. Let’s see if I can remember all the fruit for you: Cherry, Meyer lemon, fig, fuyu persimmon, pluot (with 3 varieties grafted onto one tree), bartlett pear, and ‘fruit cocktail’ (another grafted tree–apricot, nectarine, rosa plum and maybe peach?).  We already have a big mature plum and Asian pear, and a lemon, kumquat and lime in barrels elsewhere.

My plan is to espalier the trees against the fence until the are tall enough to canopy over the walkway.


Always my first harvest:  Artichokes!  My artichoke plant is about 3-4 years old so I now get a decent crop.  We got 6 or so, and I’m hoping to get another few later.  I love artichokes man.


My first blueberries!  There are more ripening as we speak.


Radishes!  These babies are hella peppery.

I also have picked some lettuce and of course use my herbs all the time.  In the herb bed, there’s oregano, thyme, curly parsley, chives, sage and tarragon.

To be continued….

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