Nana Recipe Wednesday–Easter Favorites

by Sarah on April 16, 2014

Happy Almost Easter!  Easter is nice.  It’s a chance to get together with your family and eat half-a-year’s worth of your annual allotment of eggs in a single day.  Some of these recipes are Nana’s, some are mine.  I just thought it might be helpful if you needed some ideas for this weekend–although feel free to make them anytime.

Horseradish deviled eggs with candied bacon are always a big hit.  Though you could make ones with sriracha, or ones with capers.  Whichever. I think NOT having deviled eggs on Easter might be against the law.

1972.  The last time gingham and eyelet was in fashion.

Vegetables are a necessity.  This Nana’s pea salad is nice and Spring-like. There’s also the family cabbage salad, and my dad’s version of the cabbage salad.  He likes to make it a day ahead of time.

This succotash is DYNO-MITE.  Who knew that lima beans (or favas), corn and some other stuff could be so good?  Of course this corn salad with creamy basil dressing….oh and this Mexican street corn-style salad would also be delicious if you’re not really into lima or fava beans.

And here is the asparagus section of the menu.  It’s probably also against the law not to eat asparagus on Easter.  It just says ‘SPRING’ doesn’t it? This recipe, Asparagus with Sauce Gribiche, is nice because you can incorporate more eggs.  You hadn’t had enough yet.  If you want to go the simpler route, there’s this roasted asparagus with lemon.

My first Easter.  1969.  My mom is hot, don’t you think?  I can also tell you that this is the ONLY PICTURE I have ever seen of my dad as a grown up without a mustache.  It’s weird.

And now, we’ve reached the bound salad portion of our menu.  Every Easter table must have at least one.  This is Nana’s Classic, which is clearly and positively the best potato salad on the planet.  If you want to mix things up a bit, you can try Nana’s Potato Salad with Almonds, Nana’s Macaroni Salad, or if you really feel like getting fancy, you can try my BLT Pasta Salad.

Hot on the hunt, obviously.  I’m guessing this is 1974.  Nice slippers.

Meats.  Ham, obviously.  Why always ham?  I don’t really know.  You can get a fancy ham, or you can buy a spiral cut ham at the grocery store.  Just don’t buy a canned ham.  That jelly stuff inside is too weird.  My advice?  Make your own glaze, don’t use that stuff in the packet.  Here’s a recipe for Orange-Dijon Glaze.  I’m trying a new one this year, I’ll post it if it’s any good.

Of course, if you’re not really a fan of ham, or you’re just having a simple dinner–roast a chicken!  This one is Nana’s Romertopf Chicken, which is dead simple because you just put all the stuff in the clay cooker and leave it be for an hour.  My Pan-Roasted Chicken, along with the baby artichokes and roasted potatoes would also be a terrific choice for a main dish.

1973.  Chubby cheeks and white overall shorts.

Finally, it’s time for dessert, if you have any space left in your gullet.  We often have strawberry shortcake–I like this version with lemon curd in the middle of the shortcake.  My secret?  I totally use Bisquick for the shortcakes.  If you are too snobby for poor old Bisquick, make it on top of Nana’s pound cake–it will be just as good.  Maybe even better.

If you want something tasty and Spring-y that you can make ahead of time, make Nana’s Strawberry Swirls, or Nana’s Lime Pie.  Both would be a nice refreshing end to your meal.

Enjoy!  And I hope the Easter Bunny brings you lots of chocolate.




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