Food Foto Friday

by Sarah on March 7, 2014

Did you grow up going to Farrell’s?  I did.  I remember lots of birthday parties involving “The Zoo” and gigantic hamburgers (Singles, doubles, triples and homeruns!  Yes, I once attempted to eat a homerun).  We used to go to the one in Sunrise Mall, my favorite old dinosaur of a mall, filled end-to-end with big planters filled with yellow flowers and several giant orange tiled octagons for resting upon–or if you were a little kid, for climbing, running and jumping on. Anyway, Farrell’s. At the one at the mall, you entered and had to walk through an old-timey maze of candy bins–penny candy, salt water taffy, lollipops and other kiddie crack before you finally get to the restaurant entrance.  It was sheer magic I tell you.

I thought Farrell’s went out of business completely but I guess they just downsized all of the franchises and changed ownership a few times.  Now they are expanding again–and while they are not resurrecting my beloved childhood mall Farrell’s, they did open one sort of nearby.  You know I had to go.  Sadly we didn’t have enough people to get the Zoo.  Check out these vintage photos on their website and relive my childhood.


Multiple locations

Shown:  1625 Watt Ave.
Sacramento, CA 95864

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