Kitchen Update

by Sarah on September 4, 2012

So.  Here we are.  Kitchen remodel city.

I went into our local Re-Use Store and what greeted me?  My old kitchen.  It was a little sad to see it sitting there.  But hey, maybe it will get new life from some other people.

As you can see, work is progressing!  Our contractor discovered there was NO insulation in our kitchen….nope, not one inch of insulation–not the outside wall or the wall to the garage.  So he added it.  Which meant ditching the old sheetrock.  He also discovered yucky peeling subfloor stuff, so that had to go as well.  For a minute there we had an empty room full of 60-year old redwood boards.

I went to Portland and came home to freshly sheetrocked walls and soon after they were textured.  We got to prime and paint this past weekend.

As with the rest of my house, when the walls were peeled off, some interesting discoveries were made.  60-year-old newspaper and some bitchin’ linoleum were just a few highlights.

Here’s what is living on my back patio.  Soon it will live in my kitchen.

Does this color look familiar?  I took a piece of our old Formica to the hardware store and they matched paint to it.  I loved that Formica, guys.  When we toured our house and  I saw my cute little original kitchen back in 2004, I just new I had to have it.  Unfortunately the coral colored Formica is no longer available, so it will live on the wall instead.

Stay tuned!


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