The Current State of My Kitchen

by Sarah on August 15, 2012

It’s happening.  The long awaited kitchen makeover!  We’re out of the cooking business for a month, while the contractor works his magic–well, and us too, helping out where we can.  I’m very, very excited.

I’m also a little sad for our little original kitchen, which did a good job for over 60 years.  Unfortunately the lower cabinets are just about toast and there are no cabinets at all on the right side of the kitchen.  Oh, and the linoleum is gross.  And the wainscoting.  ICK.  Who puts wainscoting in a kitchen with no exhaust fan?  I will spare you the details of grease and grime in all of the grooves.

You can see though, that it was a bright and cheery kitchen and that I loved it.  ESPECIALLY the coral Formica.  LOVED IT.  I wanted to get it again, but I guess Formica discontinued it a couple of years ago.  I was quite upset.

I was pretty tickled to find that at one point my kitchen did indeed have an exhaust fan–and my stove was in an entirely different space!  And that the whole kitchen was painted in that kicky coral color.

It’s been painted every color in the rainbow, as a matter of fact.  Aqua, coral, yellow, mint.  I think I’m going with white.  But I might have to have a coral accent wall.  Just for old time’s sake.

Here is a mini-preview of what’s to come.

Last summer we did a mini-remodel of the addition to our house, which butts up to the back of our kitchen.  We put in some cabinets to make a pantry of sorts.  I have enough cabinets to do our whole kitchen.  They are mid-50’s birch cabinets that originally lived in military housing at Beale Air Force base.  They were removed for whatever reason and I picked them up at the Re-Use Store here in Sacramento, run by the California Conservation Corps.  I think I paid around $200 for two kitchens worth of cabinets.

Anyhow, this is a glimpse of what our kitchen will look like in a month or so.  Black vinyl composite tile flooring, those beautiful birch cabinets, turquoise Formica and new aluminum edging.  Some cool lights, a new fridge, a groovy DishMaster faucet and a fresh coat of paint to bring new life into our old kitchen!

I have some recipes stored so I’ll try to keep up with you, Readers.  Even if only to give you kitchen updates.  Oh!  One more bit of news….I’m cooking again for Monday Night Football at Old Ironsides on September 10th.  That’s a Monday.  For Monday Night Football.


Anyway, I’m making Skyline Chili–at least my version of it.  I have no idea where I will actually cook it, seeing as I have no kitchen, but not to worry, it will get done.  I’ll have a vegetarian version for those who want it.  Hope to see you there!

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