Coast to Coast Sandwiches

by Sarah on February 23, 2012

This article ran in Midtown Monthly in January but it wasn’t available online. I’m posting it for you because I think their sandwiches are pretty swell–especially that cheesesteak with Cheez Whiz. I sure could go for one RIGHT NOW.

Coast to Coast
Sac’s Newest Sandwich Truck
By Sarah Singleton

Ordinance, schmordinance, looks like it doesn’t really matter anymore, City Council members. Sacramento’s food truck scene is blowing up without your help. Latest on the scene is Coast-to-Coast Sandwiches, a big yellow truck serving up regional specialties from across the nation.

For now, Coast to Coast is working on a schedule—which for someone like me, who isn’t stationary during the day, is refreshing and makes it easy for me to find them. (Their schedule can be found on their website, I caught up with them on a recent Wednesday downtown with a friend and enjoyed a sunny luncheon on a bench in Capitol Park.

Though my spouse had recommended the Reuben sandwich, I decided to opt for the South Philly cheesesteak. You have options with a cheesesteak at Coast to Coast. Provolone or Whiz? Mild, medium or hot peppers? I went with Whiz (the original) and medium-hot peppers. Was it magic or hunger? This sandwich was delightful. The thinly sliced rib eye was tender and the edges were crisp and the Whiz—yes, the Cheez Whiz, was the crowning creamy touch and the hot(ish) peppers were a perfect foil. My dining companion sampled the Louisiana Po’Boy with breaded and fried plump shrimp (also available with catfish). Though she opted to eat it without the standard “fully dressed” package (lettuce, tomato, pickle), the spicy remoulade sauce kept it from being boring. Both sandwiches came on rolls that were perfectly toasted so that the interiors had crunch while the exteriors stayed nice and soft.

All of the sandwiches come with the options of being served as a “combo”, which was an offer we couldn’t refuse. Sandwiches are seven bucks by themselves but for three bones more, you can get a side and a drink. Your choice of bacon mac and cheese or peppery sweet potato fries that come with their own spicy ketchup (both are usually $2.50 by themselves).

Coast to Coast has a small menu—just five sandwiches, but they run an additional monthly sandwich special. In addition to the ones I mentioned above, they’ve got a NorCal BLAT and NY Pastrami on marble rye. Good thing they’ve got that schedule posted so I know where to track them down. Follow Coast to Coast on Twitter: @ctcsandwiches.

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