Baconfest! Extra-Exclusive Interview with Mr. Guido G. Guido

by Sarah on January 9, 2012

*Disclaimer:  Mr. Guido G. Guido, co-creater of BaconFest Sacramento, is my loving and tolerant spouse.  Embarrassing questions and ridiculous answers are to be expected.*

UC:  So.  BaconFest. What were you envisioning?

GG:  Hold on. Tapping into phone. Um I don’t really know. Is this the interview?

UC:  Yes.

GG:  Oh.  I see.  Well, I wanted to have an event that promoted not only bacon–but quality bacon and the craftsmanship that is involved in producing quality bacon. Is that good enough?

UC:  Sure.  Was it hard to find people or restaurants to get on board?

GG:  Not at all, the hardest part was coordinating events and to get the city to cooperate with one of the events—which they didn’t—and I ended up having to change that event totally [that event was to involve food trucks].

UC:  Do you think this event was easier to coordinate because basically everyone loves bacon….even vegetarians?

GG:  Yeah, I think so….I had a feeling that it would—threre is love for bacon in most restaurants, people love bacon and we approached places that use a lot of bacon.

UC:  What is your personal relationship wih bacon?

GG:  I have a love/love relationship with bacon. I like it by itself, and I like it cooked with other things.

UC:  How long have you and bacon been seeing each other?

GG:  Since I was a wee lad.

UC:  Is something I should be concerned about? Do you take Lipitor?

GG:  I do not. Yet.

Guido G. Guido, lover of all porky products.

UC:  What is the best bacon you’ve ever had?

GG:  UUUUh, the best piece of bacon I’ve ever had was a piece of  bacon you roasted for Marty’s party to make those little BLT’s….using Jason’s [Azevedo, of Testa Duro Salumi] bacon and it had just came out of the oven and biting into it was like liquid love.

UC:  Good answer.
UC:  Who else worked on BaconFest with you?

GG:  Nick Miller (of SNR) and John Conley.  Nick did a lot of organizing and JC had some great ideas and did all the artwork and put out that great poster.

UC:  Kevin Bacon– What about him? What the hell is this Kevin Bacon event?

GG:  This may have been Jay’s [Shaner, local musician about town] idea to do the Kevin Bacon event. To somehow get bands and music involved. And Kevin Bacon has been in a million movies, it seemed to work.

UC:  Are we doing this again next year?

GG:  We sure would like to. I really liked putting it together. I hope people are receptive to it. It’s a way to promote restaurants during slow times and bring people together.

UC:  Awesome.  Good job honey.  

GG:  Are we done now?

UC:  Yes.

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