Post Christmas Nog Update

by Sarah on December 27, 2011

A Thing of Beauty.

You remember The Nog, don’t you?  It was a few weeks ago, I know, but I know you Readers, your memory banks are bigger and better than my own.  Surely you remember the egg nog we made and began to age.  After all, it had an entire bottle of Costco Bourbon in it.  It’s not often that one runs across that now, is it?

Well of course I posted the recipe up through putting it in the refrigerator to age but I couldn’t show you the definitively finished product because it wasn’t unveiled until last night….a full three weeks later.  And MAN! Was that ever worth the wait!

Best Nog EVER.

Many thanks to CHOW, from whom I got the recipe.  I think this will be an annual tradition but I think next year I may see if I can age it just a little bit longer……..

Noggy Goodness.

P.S.  I heartily recommend serving the old-fashioned way, in a punchbowl with the whipped egg whites, whipped cream and lots of nutmeg.  Reserve some of the whipped cream (about 1-1/2 cups, whipped) to float on top of the egg nog.


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