Schweddy Balls Controversy

by Sarah on October 27, 2011

I want my Schweddy Balls!

Have any of you been following this Schweddy Balls controversy?   I’ve been posting updates on the UC Facebook page kind of as a joke, (you can look here, here and here) but this is actually becoming a movement.  Occupy The Ice Cream Aisle.  The Sacramento Bee comments are as usual, hilarious–and not always in a good way.   I mean, holy crap–it’s even made MSNBC and has it’s own Facebook fan support page.

I suspect that the Million Moms or whatever they’re called is regretting saying anything at all as the spokesman for Ben and Jerry’s has announced that Schweddy Balls has become the most popular limited-release ice cream flavor THEY’VE EVER HAD.

Ballsy goodness.

Hey, I’m one of lucky ones that has had the stuff.  Those Schweddy rum balls are good enough to make me want to camp out at the local grocer’s.  I guess I too, can’t resist his Schweddy Balls.


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