How to Make Brown Sugar

by Sarah on September 27, 2011


My friend Jenn is an awesome baker.  She makes everything—and I mean EVERYTHING–from scratch.  Almond flour?  From scratch. Cake flour?  She makes it.  And the other day?  She told me she makes HOMEMADE BROWN SUGAR.

What.  The.  Hell.

Do you people know how many frickin’ times I have run out of brown sugar in my life?  How many times I had to dash out in my pajama pants to try to make it to the store before they closed……..just to find them closed then have to drive to the store that stays open all night?  To have to shop with all the goobers trying to make the last beer run after the bars have closed and then they make fun of you in your flour encrusted pajama pants?

You can see this issue has touched a nerve.

It’s just molasses and sugar.  Whisked together.  That’s it.  You want light brown sugar?  Add less molasses.  You want dark brown sugar?  Add more molasses.

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