There’s Potential

by Sarah on August 19, 2011

Had a quick meal with my friend Jenn tonight at The Hideaway, just another cool little spot on the stretch of Franklin Boulevard between Broadway and Sutterville.  I’d heard a LOT about the place, but it’s a bar, and I’d only been to have drinks before.  People are generally pretty stoked about the food.

The Animal

We decided to both get burgers ‘n fries.  I got ‘The Animal’ burger, a massive feat of architecture, piled high with a thick burger, 2 big onion rings and a healthy scoop of root beer barbecue sauce.  Look at the size of that thing–it’s somewhat ridiculous!

As big as my face.

Needless to say, in order to actually take a bite of this thing it had to be slightly deconstructed.  One onion ring had to go and I had to give it the big squeeze.  Wherein barbecue sauce squished out and plopped on my plate.

If only my jaws unhinged.

Wah-waaaaah.  Sad trombone.  It was woefully overcooked and not my requested medium rare.  There was nary a speck of pink left in the thing.  The pepper was applied way too liberally, even for this avowed pepper-lover.  The onion rings just tasted like the oil they were fried in and weren’t salted.  The fries were done perfectly though–they almost had that souffleed effect, where they were slightly puffy but nice and crisp.  Again with the black pepper though.

This burger has potential.  Listen cook:  Flatten the patty more so it cooks evenly and cook it less.  Take it easy on the pepper and the sauce.  Keep that great puffy bun, it was perfect.  Do not watch Guy Fieri.  Sometimes more is not more.  Practice restraint.

The Hideaway doesn’t have any table service–you order at the bar and they bring the food to you.  Bummer when you want another drink but hey, that’s life.  I can live with it.  They’ve got a pretty big menu for a bar, including stuff for vegetarian types.  When I was there some time ago I saw a brunch menu that included something perfect for hangovers–‘tiger by the tail’?  I don’t remember but it sounded pretty tasty and it included a beer or bloody mary or something.

Yummy fries.

It’s worth checking out.  The food has potential, the menu is inventive.  They’ve got a full bar, a pool table, a tiki patio and a cheesy old Elvis pinball machine.  What more could you want?  Besides not having an overcooked burger, I mean.

The Hideaway

2565 Franklin Blvd 916 455-1331
Kitchen Open: Tue & Wed 6-9, Thur 6-12, Fri 4-12,Sat Noon -12, Sun Brunch 10- 4

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