Road Trip, June 2011 Edition!

by Sarah on July 1, 2011

We made it. 8 hours, 1 sandwich, 1 order of fries, 2 sodas, 2 bottles of water, a few ridiculous family revelations and about 1000 laughs later, we rode into tiny Bandon Beach, Oregon.

Just a few scenes from the ride up:

Beautiful downtown Williams, where I was verbally accosted by an angry road rager. I was going far too slow for him. He was in a hurry to get to the Granzella's bar. I guess he really needed a drink.

Art car!

Granzella's treasure!

Muffaletta sandwich from Granzella's Deli

From lovely Williams, we headed north.  I had planned on stopping in Redding for the Sun Dial Bridge but we were running so late that we kept going.  Though we ended up stopping in Dunmuir.  It’s pretty there.

Burger Barn, Dunsmuir, CA

Very friendly people in Dunsmuir.

Random stop at Country Junction.  I liked the giant “FOOD” sign.  Inside they had a few packaged fruit pies, Twinkies, chips, candy bars and beer.  Good stuff.

Also very friendly people.

The obligatory stop in Weed, CA.  My husband likes to wax poetic about this fried chicken he had in Weed.  He even texted us the address but I couldn’t find it.  I don’t know if the fried chicken place is still in business!  I might have really missed the fried chicken boat.

Weed bakery. He he.

Retro goodness. Love it.

Charming downtown Weed.

Main Street, USA. So colorful!

Main Street, Weed CA

Mt. Shasta in the background.

Hope in Weed.

The last stop we made was at a Pilot gas station in Medford, OR. Got a tank of gas and picked up a new camera lens from a nice woman with this lens for sale through the wonders of Craiglist ads. She is a wedding photographer. Thanks, lady!

And now we’re here.  Last night it was a little wine, a little pizza and a LOT of catching up.  Some folks I hadn’t seen in literally decades.  So now, I’m leaving the computer and going to the beach.  See ya later!

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