Playing the Sympathy Card

by Sarah on July 12, 2011

Below: An art piece at the Crocker that bowled me over last time I was there. It’s made of CLAY. It’s turquoise and it makes me smile.

Art: Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento 2011

Listen up kids, my flaming arm/hand/wrist thing is acting up like nobody’s business so there will be no recipe today.  I am ready to pull out my fingernails it’s that painful.  Currently it’s on ice while I type s l o w l y with my left hand. These damn drugs need to kick in, like NOW.

Anyway, some newer readers may not have had the distinct pleasure of knowing what happened!  Here it is in gory detail:

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Anyway, 3 surgeries later, there is still pain, mostly quite manageable but occasionally excruciating.  Like now.  So stay tuned, I’ve got something planned for you for Nana Wednesday!


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