Nichiren Buddhist Bazaar

by Sarah on June 13, 2011

Guess what I did today? I painted. Yep. More painting. Now I’ve moved onto the “lady cave” portion of home improvement. What’s a ‘lady cave’? I suppose you could call it a work space, or a studio, or even just a store room. But I’m calling it a lady cave.

In the lady cave will live all my canning equipment, my props for photos, and big kitchen equipment that doesn’t fit anywhere else. I also plan on having a table and a chair. And whatever else my heart desires. It is my cave, after all.

Nichiren Buddhist Church today.

I took a midday break and ventured up to our neighborhood Buddhist church.  There was a Bazaar going on, and even though they have it every year, I haven’t ever gone.  Seems like it always happens when we’re out of town or otherwise busy.

Nichiren of yesteryear, courtesy of the Nichiren Shu website.

It was a small Bazaar, but full of happy people with some food, dancers, music and crafts.   We had a good time.  But I always have a good time at these things–I love Bazaars, fairs, food festivals…..

Part of Nichiren's beautiful garden.

Dancing the hula.

Making chow mein in a big ass wok.

Don't mind if I do.

Making sandwiches.

These noodles were delicious. Springy.

I think I'm going to have to try to make this at home.

In the plant sales area.

Azalea bonsai!

More bonsai. Nana and Boppa used to have bonsai at their house. I've tried, I always kill it.

Baby koi!

Beanie baby horses wearing lei's!

Dum-dum bouquets.

Ukelele band.

Shave ice? Why not.

She is showing this ice who's boss.

Shaving the ice.

Adding flavors.

My masterpiece--half cherry, half orange. Yummy!

Nichiren Buddhist Church

5191 24th Street
Sacramento, California 95822


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