Fried Bologna Sandwich

by Sarah on June 21, 2011

Not that you need a lesson on how to make a fried bologna sandwich, you probably can figure it out.

Takes you back..

But sometimes you just need a reminder, a nudge, to remember how good something is.

Thank you Susan Russo, for reminding me of Fried Bologna Sandwiches!

The first time I ever had a fried bologna sandwich was out in the back yard of this ‘older girl’ in my tiny neighborhood in the Sierra Nevada foothills.  Her name was Cheryl, which I remember because I tried to spell it “She-roll” and she laughed at me.  I had to have been 5 or 6 years old and she maybe 11 or 12.  She had an Easy Bake Oven or something similar that you could actually fry on top of the thing in a little frying pan. She got some good old Oscar Meyer out of her kitchen and we had a fine feast in our fort underneath the clothesline full of drying sheets and bedspreads.

Later that summer I would run face-first into that idyllic clothesline, knock out my front tooth and swallow it.  It was very traumatic, as I feared the tooth fairy would not show up if I had no tooth to give her.

The gourmet ingredients.

And while fried bologna sandwiches probably aren’t going to be on regular rotation in my kitchen, it was a nice little trip down Memory Lane.

Frying up the bologna.

What are some of your favorite food memories?  Good, bad or just specific?  Please leave a comment, I’d love to know.

Draining the bologna.

A lot of my food memory stuff I post for you, in the form of Nana recipes.  But some I can’t post because there is no specific recipe.  Those belong to the cooking arsenal of my dad, who, like most men I know, just put stuff in the pan until it tastes good.

Oh yes I did.

One thing in particular we just called “goulash”, which was nothing like actual goulash.  It involved rice and ground beef.  And probably tomato sauce and I have no idea what else.   My dad also made a quickie spaghetti with clams that I still swoon over–using canned clams, olive oil, parsley and garlic.  I love it–it might be one of my favorite comfort foods of all time.

Just a simple slathering of mustard will do. Spicy mustard, please.

So try a fried bologna sandwich again.  It might take you back down Memory Lane.  It might be something new.  Either way, it’ll make you smile.



Fried Bologna Sandwich

~Adapted from The Encyclopedia of Sandwiches by Susan Russo~

2 slices French bread, or other bread of your choice
6 slices bologna (I prefer bologna from the deli)
1 Tbsp butter
2 Tbsp spicy mustard


Heat pan over medium-high heat and add butter. When the butter melts, add the bologna in one layer. Fry until browned on the edges and drain on paper towels.

Place bread slices in pan and let fry in the leftover butter and bologna drippings. When toasted, slather on the mustard and pile on the bologna.


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