Cousins in Space!

by Sarah on June 30, 2011

We are currently on 1-5.

My cousin Stacy and I are both only children and we are one year apart. Therefore, we are probably the closest thing to siblings either of us ever had. I spent many weekends at her house in San Leandro, dressing her pets up in baby clothes and wheeling them around the neighborhood in baby strollers, and having sleepovers on the living room houndstooth sofa, hiding under the blankets and watching “Creature Feature” and Saturday Night Live.  To this day, I cannot say or think “TV Repair Man” without a giggle.

Stacy was my cool older cousin.  I pretty much did anything she said.  As a youngster, I got talked into shoplifting Peaches and Herb’s rendition of “Reunited” from the local K-Mart, I drank down god-awful concoctions that she mixed up for me (in those old Looney-Tunes glasses, remember those?), crank-called boys she knew (the most popular at the time was fart noises and/or a toilet flushing) and when we were older, we went out cruising Castro Valley Boulevard weekend after weekend, me being her wingman.

Trina, me, Stacy--the original cousins in space.

We have another cousin, Trina, and for some strange reason when we get together we always say “Cousins iiiinnnnn spaaaaace”! in a goofy voice.  I have no idea why.  I don’t remember the origin of this in the least.  Anyway, you can say I’m going to have a “Cousins in Space” kind of weekend.

Stacy and I are hitting the road today, going to the Oregon Coast to meet up with the rest of our extended family for a good old-fashioned family reunion.  Apparently our wee cabin has WiFi so I’ll be sure to keep you up to date.

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