Best Summer Ever!

by Sarah on June 23, 2011

What do you think of when you think of summer? I know summer in Sacramento means 100* days but it’s hard to get used to, every single year.  What’s NOT hard to get used to are the gorgeous 80* evenings, out on the patio or porch, glass of wine or whatever in hand.

Below I compiled a few pictures that mean summer to me.  From top left, clockwise:  My dad playing volleyball at a family picnic, circa early 70’s; Uncle Bill and my dad at Wall Drug, family road trip, mid ’50’s; my mom and Auntie Jill in the backyard of Nana and Boppa, enjoying a pitcher of cocktails, possibly 1970; me and my cousin Molly at an overcast northern California beach, late 70’s.

And just a few more, I couldn’t resist.  Zane, contemplating the full swimming pool in Nana and Boppa’s neighborhood, 1996; hot dogs on the grill, Hollywood Park ice cream social, 2011; Boppa tasting white wine, early 70’s; a fountain drink with crushed ice.

The best summer ever would probably somehow encompass all of this. Why is this so much harder to do when you are an adult? It’s such a royal drag. I miss being an irresponsible kid. Fountain cokes, hot dogs and the neighborhood swimming pool all summer long.

Yesterday Midtown Monthly gave a “Best Summer Ever” party at Bows and Arrows/FatFace, celebrating the beginning of summer and also the grand opening of Bows new space and FatFace coming to Sacramento. As a contributor to Midtown Monthly I felt like I should go, but secretly, I just wanted the food.

drinks on a hot hot evening.

Since I am not really drinking, I had a tropical iced tea to try to beat the heat.  I liked it but no free refills!  That was sad.  G had a few cold cold Hamm’s.  A bargain beer but they have a nice selection of better beers and wines.

try a sammie!

As usual, I was hungry so I got a sandwich.  Since it was so damn hot, I opted for the beer-braised fig sandwich with onions and goat cheese.  It came with a little salad.  It was a big enough sandwich for 2, so a good deal at $9.  There aren’t a lot of sandwich options but the choices are imaginative and fun.

fatface menu

mystery pops

Midtown Monthly also sponsored a popsicle flavor contest.  I suppose I should mention that FatFace is well known for their popsicles with interesting flavor combinations.  Some on the current pop menu include an avocado-lime, a Thai-tea-sweet-potato, strawberry-coconut and more.  The magazine had a contest up on the website and readers sent in their ideas for popsicles.  Jaymes made her favorite and gave the winner a gift certificate to FatFace, so cool!  I tried one and DAY-UM!  I was really good.  I left before they said what it was, and I couldn’t figure it out at all (except for the grapes).  It ended up being hibiscus-mint-with grapes.  So delicious and intense!  The pops are only $3, you should go try a bunch.

Thai-tea-sweet-potato on left, hibiscus-mint-grape on right

I foresee that 2011’s best summer ever is going to involve evenings over on the Bows and Arrows/FatFace patio, sandwich or bar snacks on hand, cold beverage at the ready and popsicles for the ride home.

Jaymes at Fat Face, courtesy of their website.

Bows and Arrows/Fat Face
1815 19th Street
Sacramento, CA, 95816

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