The New Kid in Town: Chando’s Tacos

by Sarah on May 13, 2011

If you live out of the area, and particularly out of California, you may not even want to look at this post any further.  I’m here to talk about a taqueria.  I know they are hard to come by (the good ones, at least) if you are not lucky enough to live in California (or Mexico).

Chando’s is the new joint in town and it’s ALL THE RAGE WITH THE COOL KIDS.  They even represented down at the SactoMoFo.  I didn’t get to eat anything at the mofo but the following Monday, I happened to be in the Arden area, conveniently around lunchtime.

Cute little Chando's. Photo from Chando's website.

Chando’s frequently has a big line at lunchtime.  (Thanks a lot BAR)  No doubt all lured in by the meat that is grilling out front.  You want to leave the line….but you CAN’T.

Carne asada.

I got the 3-taco-and-a-pop combo for $6.  I tried the fish taco, the adobada and the veggie.  The fish was my favorite–it is citrus-marinated tilapia, and what a fine tilapia it is!  Usually I find that fish totally boring but it was outstanding.  The veggie was also a nice variation with freshly grilled poblano peppers, mushrooms, onions and cheese.  And the adobada…well, it was pork on a rotisserie.  Can’t really go wrong there.


There’s a cute little fixed-up patio area now so get down there and have a Chando’s combo.  You might stand in line but you won’t regret it.


Chando’s Tacos

863 Arden Way

Sacramento, CA



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