Brunch at Red Lotus

by Sarah on May 6, 2011

SactoMoFo was an unqualified success, but so much so that many didn’t get to sample any wares.   Please send the waaaambulance because I am one of those people.  Yes, me the one who kept telling you all to go down there.   Ha ha ha on me, I’m a-scared of crowds.  Don’t like ‘em at all.

But I SO MUCH wanted a bao from the Chairman Bao truck!  A Communist PANDA BEAR?  Serving BAO?  It is so darling that my head nearly explodes with the loud “EEEEEEEEE” that is going on inside of it when I think of that truck.

What I wanted.....

Luckily for me, I was there with my new friend Debbie who is also not a fan of being in the midst of a sea of hot sweaty hungry bodies.  Not unlike ZOMBIES.  Albiet, alive, happy and not looking for human brains.

What I got: Brunch at Red Lotus. Photo from

Debbie had not yet been to Red Lotus, Billy Ngo’s newish joint that just happens to feature…BAO and dumplings and lots of little bite-sized pieces of sweet salty crunchy spicy goodness.

Did I mention endless mimosas? Photo by Debbie Cunningham.

Yes, as soon as we walked in, the nice barman explained Red Lotus’ brunch concept.  A limited menu, about 8 items and we get one of each.  Then we can order more if we want.  All made to order, no buffet.  All for $15.  Great deal.

And for an extra $10?  Endless booze.  I had mine with freshly squeezed pink grapefruit juice.  OMG.

Somehow, I always think that endless mimosas will be a good thing. And they are....temporarily.

The guy said they squeeze all of their juices daily for drinks, and in fact, we got to see him juicing away later.  At least they have a fancy machine otherwise that poor guy would have a wrecked arm in weeks.

Fruit for fresh juices.

All of a sudden, the food started showing up.  First one thing, then 6, then 10.  We got to try out their version of a bun, a Vietnamese noodle bowl that they are putting on the lunch menu.  We were guinea pigs!

One of each?

The fried potstickers were good but I think I still prefer the steamed ones.


These wings were a little sweet for Debbie, but I liked their glaze.  And they were cooked perfectly so that when you bit it, virtually all of the chicken just slid off into your guff.

Sweet, sticky, crunchy wingy

These pork shu mai were also good—bigger than I am used to getting in a regular dim sum joint and lots of meat.

Pork shu mai.

I look like a total pig in this photo, like I am eating all of this food by myself.  And that lady’s expression!  Priceless.

What, dainty little me…eat all this?   You bet I did.   Look at the lady in the          background.  She can’t believe I’m such a glutton.   Photo courtesy of Debbie Cunningham.

What?  Hey-O!  More drinks.  Okay.  Sure, I’m not driving.  Sounds great!

Don't mind if I do. Lovely photo by Debbie Cunningham.

By this time, I’m 3 or 4 mimosas into my afternoon.  I’ve decided that there’s no way I’m going back to the festival.  What I need is a sofa.

What nice lanterns you have.

OH!  Look!  There’s another wing!


And then I’m three balls to the wind and it’s over.  But so well worth my $25.  Get on down there and try it out for brunch.

3 balls blowing in the breeze.


2718 J Street

Sacramento, CA 95816

(916) 231-0961


And HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my little bitty baby boy who is 19 today!

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