My $20 Beer

by Sarah on March 10, 2011

Listen, I’m no beer connossieur. I didn’t even mean to buy a beer that cost 20 big ones. I just ordered a variety of beer that I’d only been recently introduced to in the last year or so….a sour beer. How was I to know it would nearly put me out of house and home?


I could pretend to know all about this beer, and it’s variety of bacterium and whatnot but I think I’ll let you read that elsewhere.  Unlike food, I know nothing about beer other than knowing what I prefer.

Except for that it’s sour.  I know that.  Keep in mind that this is coming from a kid that used to drink malt vinegar out of the bottle as an afternoon snack.  Yes, I did.  Really.

You can buy it at the store for less than $20.

The first time I ever had a sour beer was at Mulvaney’s–they did a beer pairing dinner and they served a sour cherry beer with dessert.  I died and went to heaven, then came back to finish my dessert.

You can give sour beer a whirl–they can be found on taps at various locations but your can reliably find sour beer at BevMo.  This specimen won’t even cost you $20!  More like $12.

Give it a try!  Take it from me, a vinegar-swilling, sour loving, pickle juice drinking blogger.

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