by Sarah on November 11, 2010

Today I would like to wish my favorite patriarchs a very happy birthday!

I always thought it was something special that my birthday is 10/10 and my dad and grandfathers’ are 11/11.

I’m sure it means nothing but in my kid brain it did.

Jack Wilson Singleton, M.D., was born in 1915 in a tiny town in Illinois with literally nothing.  He worked and worked and worked some more and somehow ended up a pediatrician in California with a cute and sassy wife and 4 extraordinarily good looking and intelligent children.  One of which is my father.

They also had terrific design aesthetic.  Just look at that room.  And keep it in mind when I give you my house tour.

Robert Michael Singleton (Mike) was born in 1943, in Chicago, when his parents were newlyweds.  He traveled all over the country with his parents before landing in California.  He loves British sports cars, wine and was an avid skier.  He was in the lumber business for many years, and now has his own car shop in Sacramento.  He has one extraordinarily good looking and intelligent child.

Boppa liked to fish and would go on these great trips with his buddies.  At some point, my dad joined in the fun.  They used to go to Mexico frequently.

I love my family’s sense of humor.  Wry.  Dry.  Sarcastic.

And for those that know me, have you ever wondered where I learned to make all those weird faces?  It’s an inherited talent.

Anyway Father (and Boppa, wherever you are), here’s to you!  Happy Birthday!

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