by Sarah on November 5, 2010

Cupcakes at the Foodbuzz Food Blog Festival

This weekend I’m in beautiful San Francisco attending my first food blogger conference.  I love and hate it!  I love the idea of meeting other food obsessed nutbags like myself.  Hate the idea of actually approaching anyone and making small talk.   Thankfully a couple of other Sac-Town bloggers are here to ease the way.  My other friends Xanax and free booze are also helping out.

Tonight was the kickoff, with a street food ‘fair’ in a Fort Mason wherehouse right on the water.  Coincidentally (or not) there is an “Off The Grid” food truck get-together right outside of where we were so I got to check that out too.  WHY SACRAMENTO WHY must you deprive me of the goodness that is food trucks?

The Food Network people were at the kickoff doing a story on the above photo of cupcakes.  Honest to goodness, they were dry.  But cute!  They were probably just smaller than they were used to making.

More to come, with many many many more photos.  I know you can hardly wait.  Best thing I ate tonight?  The pork skin from Roli Roti and the lamb cheek from Spencer on the Go.  And the free beer.  Deeelicious, delicious beer.

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