Dear Nana,

by Sarah on October 13, 2010

Please help me to not go crazy.

Love, Sarah.

You know, being sick for a week really puts you behind at work, blog, and everything else.  On a positive note, I really caught up on some sleep.  My work is crazybatshitinsane, and not in a good way.  We are somehow expected to start doing the work of four people and the idea of that kind of turns my brain inside out.  Man, the abuse one takes in the name of a paycheck.  Did I mention that I turned 42 years old?  Fortyfuckingtwoyearsold.  How did that happen?  All of a sudden I am OLD.  Like middle aged.  Nana wasn’t fucking kidding when she said to me once that she may be 70 years old on the outside but in her head she was still 25.  She was exactly right.   I am also up to my ears in paint.  White paint.  Yesterday I even got paint on my teeth.  Technically, this is a good thing because I wanted to paint my house, but I never remember exactly how darn long it takes to do it right, and just how many normally inactive muscles one uses when they paint.  Probably explains the feeling of being run over by a truck.  To make matters worse, I don’t feel like cooking.  Now that is really and truly sad.  The kicker?  The resident lump in my left boob grew 4 centimeters and now I have to have it cut out.  It ‘s not cancerous so don’t worry.  HEY maybe I’ll get some time off work for it.  Now THAT would be an upside to that news.

So.  Yeah.  Sorry I haven’t been writing, but as you can see or imagine, things at the UC Ranch have been stressful and annoying.  And stressful.  And annoying.  But I’ve missed you all so!

On a happier and more food-related note, I had a really awesome birthday dinner at this place called Cyrus in Healdsburg, CA and I promise that I will write all about it and give you a minute-by-minute description of the whole experience.  Just to make you jealous.

So readers, I do apologize for leaving you hanging for so long, but as you can see I’ve been distracted.   I’ll get back into my regular schedule by Monday, I promise.

I’m not seeing anyone else, I swear.  I’ve only got eyes for you.

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