Cop Out

by Sarah on October 19, 2010

I ain’t cooked nothin’ yet.  BUT, I’ll have you know that I’m now about 75% done with my painting job.  Crap, have you realized how many muscles are involved with house painting?  A LOT.  Particularly when you paint the ceiling.  At least it gives you an excuse to take a Vicodin with your glass of wine.  And it’s going to look so good!  I’ll give you a tour when I’m done.

I’m going to show you one of my recent and so far, my favorite of the Oak Cafe’s menus.  It was delicious and perfectly suited to the warm day.  It was based on a Sacramento cookbook–“Cooking From the Heart”, which is a Hmong cookbook–in fact, the first ever English-language Hmong cookbook!  Written right here by a Sacramento resident.  Interestingly enough, we spotted this book at the gift shop of Mill City Museum in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

My friend Becky wrote this article about the author in the Sacramento News & Review–it’s a great article and she wrote about her more eloquently and with more authority than I have, so please check it out.

This is what they’d written on the menu, which I thought was a nice touch:

Click to enlarge the menu:

I opted for the crispy pork egg rolls with peanut sauce.  I’m a sucker for the fried stuff.  Besides, I like to ask the servers what their favorites are, and this one was hands-down the winner.  This picture turned out pretty good for a point-and-shoot, huh?

I really should learn not to write this stuff at midnight when dinner was 6 hours ago.  I am suddenly and completely ravenous.

My second course was the chicken salad with lime, chilies, mint and Thai basil.  It was served with some purple sticky rice.  The rice was a weird texture and was bland but all in all, it was a perfect lunch.

Dessert was strawberry bubble drink!  I love this stuff.  Basically a smoothie with big round tapioca balls inside.  The straw was really wide so you can suck up the balls.  Ha ha, I just wrote “sucking balls”.  Sorry, it’s late and I’m a moron.

You can kind of see the tapioca peeking through the strawberry, above.  I love this drink.  The tapioca is kind of like gummi bears.

If you haven’t made reservations yet for the Oak Cafe, give them a call!  If you’re not in Sacramento, you’ll just have to come for a visit.  The $15 price tag for lunch is well worth a cheap plane ticket.


The Oak Cafe at American River College

4700 College Oak Blvd.Sacramento. Room 506

(916) 484-8526

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