Boutique Catering–the Next Big Thing in Fine Dining.

by Sarah on October 29, 2010

This could be your house.

Obviously, it’s not, it’s the Steel Magnolia kitchen-for-rent in midtown Sacramento, but it could be.  This guy is actually for hire!  He and his team go wherever you want and just whip up a little bit of molecular cutting-edge cooking…..

This happens to be a “class” that boutique caterer Pajo Bruich was giving on cooking fish–complete with 3 course gourmet meal.

It was really a demonstration, with a bit of q&a from average cooks and/or foodie-types in the crowd.  I think what Chef Pajo is doing is far beyond what most of us are doing at home.  But that’s ok, he’s fun to watch.  And he’s happy to answer even mundane questions about what oil to use when you’re pan searing fish.

Chefs and photographer, at work.

The evening’s menu.

After the guests are seated and happily drinking wine, Pajo and the other chefs really get to work.

‘Salad of Heirloom Tomato–Basil “Espuma”, Liquid Burrata, Lucero Olive Oil’.

I have to tell you a secret.  And I’m being quite serious here:  I don’t like raw tomatoes.  I really don’t.  I never have.  I try, every year to eat some from my garden and I don’t HATE them but I don’t really like them either.

I loved that salad.  I ate every bit.

After the tomatoes, I wandered back to the kitchen to see what the chefs were up to.  Cooking all of that halibut, for one thing.

Making sure all the sauces were ready….

Flipping fish!

‘Pan Seared Alaskan Halibut, Sweet Corn Pudding, Red Pepper Relish, Sauce Barigoule’.

This didn’t need the puff on top.  The fish was expertly cooked, and the combination of flavors was exciting.  I loved the red pepper/corn/halibut combination.

This is an immersion circulator.  All the cool molecular gastronomy kids are using them.  Our dessert is in there.

Dessert assemblage.

‘Plum “Tart”, Pate Sucree, Goat Cheese, Pedro Ximenez Gastrique’.

Pedro Ximenez is a sherry, in case you were wondering.  The goat cheese ice cream was melty too, but no one cared because it was so delicious.

Want more?  Try this on for size.

“Harvest Flavor Collective”

3 Nights, 2 Chefs, 1 Time Only

For 3 nights only, Learn hidden techniques being used by the World’s best Chefs, followed by a 6 Course dinner featuring those techniques.

November 11, 12 & 13. Pick the night that works for you.

Join Guest Chef Roberto Cortez from Europe and Chef Pajo Bruich for a collaborative dining experience in Sacramento. Experience a one hour demonstration featuring the newest techniques being used by Chefs around the globe. Following the demonstration, guests will enjoy a fabulous 6 course dinner, where both Chef’s will challenge each others creativity.


Check out what Chef Pajo is doing around town.  If you can’t afford the boutique catering–and lord knows, I can’t–try the dinner above if you can, or simply keep an eye out for classes and dinners given frequently at the Steel Magnolia kitchen.  He’s on Facebook too, as Pajo’s Boutique Catering.

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