Saturday Night Special–The Radler

by Sarah on September 4, 2010

AKA The Shandy.  The Radler’s cousin, The Sacramento Treat is also a big hit for the long, hot days of Sac summers.  Try ‘em both!

The Radler is basically just a half-and-half of a light beer and lemonade.  Now, while I will always prefer to use a nice homemade lemonade, or even a frozen concentrate if I have it–sometimes you just need to go balls-out and get a bottle of Minute Maid and a tall can of Modelo at the liquor store.

It does not look especially inviting in this paper coffee cup, it looks more like a urine specimen.  But TRUST ME, readers, it’s quite refreshing.

If I were at home, and not at a training (it was Saturday!  And NOT work) I would’ve maybe dropped in an ice cube or two and a wedge of lemon.  Try one this weekend, it’s fixin’ to be a scorcher.

*Minnesota Cousins:  Try this on your next booze cruise*


The Radler

Light lager beer, such as PBR, Modelo or Hi-Life


optional:  lemon wedge, ice


Fill a glass halfway with beer.  Top with lemonade.  Serve with a cube of ice and lemon wedge, if you like.  Enjoy by the pool.

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