Desert Island Picks–The Refrigerator Door

by Sarah on September 28, 2010

What’s in your refrigerator door?

Mine is full.  No less than 6 different mustards, 8 jams and jellies, several hot sauces, various Asian sauces, ketchup, olives, peppers, some HP and a lone jar of Baconnaise.  Calorie-wise, I could probably survive for a year eating from my refrigerator door alone.

Most of these items I could probably live without.  But some I need.  Really need.  And for some reason, I feel compelled to share these items with you.

10.  Capers.  Their salty, briny, piquant flavor is unmatched is irreplaceable.

9.  Oyster Sauce.  Originally made from cooking down oysters, I don’t think modern bottled oyster sauce has much to do with oysters at all.  It is quite savory and adds umami to any number of dishes, but I use it often in making fried rice.

8.  Cornichons.  Teensy tart pickles made from gherkins.  These are served with pates, rillettes, terrines or most often, eaten while standing up with the refrigerator door open.  There are usually several jars with 1 or 2 pickles floating around the bottom.  Don’t ask.

7.  Heinz Chili Sauce.  It has to be Heinz.  The fancier ones are chunky and Hunt’s just isn’t as good.  I use Heinz chili sauce in place of ketchup whenever possible.

6.  Orange Marmalade.  I like the Bonne Maman brand because it tastes good, and also because I like the jar.   Orange marmalade is good for both cooking (in marinades and such) and as an accompaniment to a peanut butter sandwich.  So versatile!

5.  Soy sauce.   1 billion Asians can’t be wrong.

4.  Huy Fong Chili Garlic Sauce.  Some folks prefer Sriracha, but I am partial to the chili-garlic.  I like the plain chili version (Sambal Oelek) too but with the garlic….well, it’s just got that little something extra.  This stuff is good in ANYTHING.

3.  Tabasco.  Who doesn’t love Tabasco?  Just a couple of drops for a subtle flavor, or a whole bunch for a real kick.

2.  Dijon mustard.  The really strong French ones are my favorite, but Grey Poupon is pretty good, as is the Trader Joe’s one.  In fact, the TJ’s one has quite a bite.

1.  BEST FOODS MAYO.  Or Hellmann’s, depending on where you live.  The next best thing to homemade, and sometimes better.   Jeez, I use this stuff for practically everything.  Obviously on a sandwich, but for bound salads, sauces, salad dressings, etc, etc, etc.  It’s indispensable!

Now that I’ve bared my soul and fridge door to you, what are some of your favorites?

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