Walleye, Minnesota’s State Fish

by Sarah on August 5, 2010

Minnesota Week continues!

Lucky Walleye, they get to live in beautiful Minnesota lakes like the one below. But maybe unlucky for them, they got stuck with an ugly name.  They got that unflattering name because they like to lurk around the bottoms of these lakes and their eyes look kind of murky, I guess it helps them see.

Another unlucky thing for Walleye is that they taste really good so people like to fish for them and eat them.  Maybe that’s the real reason they stay on the bottoms of the lakes.  They are elusive.  No one caught one the whole time we were there.

So for the big family shindig we had a catered cookout.  They FRIED the walleye at the cookout!  Outside!  That is just weird.  But that’s the way it’s always served apparently.  The flesh is thick and white, kind of like halibut.

The batter was kind of thick, but Mr. Walleye gets a thumbs-up.  I kind of wanted some fries and malt vinegar though but that might be just too weird for those folks up in Brainerd.  But seriously folks, try the Walleye if you’re ever in the land of the 10,000 lakes!

The corn swimming in butter substance is up to you.

Walleye fun facts:

  • The largest walleye ever caught was 17 pounds, 8 ounces and 35.8 inches! 05/13/1979
  • Each year, 3.5 million pounds of walleye is caught.
  • The walleye is also the state fish of South Dakota.
  • Studies have shown walleyes to live as long as 29 years in some waters.  Anglers, “the big one” may still be out there, waiting for you!

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