Saturday Night Special!–Margie’s Slush

by Sarah on August 14, 2010

Readers, this is Aunt Marge. Margie, the Readers.  (that would be her on the left, with her husband and Nana’s brother Uncle Bill)

That’s her again, below, laughing at Aunt Margaret-Anne (Nana’s older sister).  Admit it, Marg does look pretty funny.

Bill and Margie with the kids, circa 1968, at the last family reunion.

And me, with a couple of those same kids at the shindig this summer!  Sharon (right) is the one in white shorts and blue top, above.  Paul (right) is the shrimp on the far left.

YES, there is a point to all this, I’m not just showing you more family slides for the heck of it for crying out loud.  The POINT is, Margie makes a mean slushie drink that’ll knock you on your butt and will taste good doing it.

Sharon made it when we were up at the lakes.  It’s totally easy and you can make it boozy or NA (non-alcoholic).

All that’s in there is frozen limeade, Sprite, rum and water.  If you want NA, just replace the rum with some other liquid–water or Sprite, whatever.  You use the limeade can to measure all the other ingredients.  Couldn’t be easier.

One story I heard is that our cousin Tracy, when hearing a can of rum went in to the mix, asked “where do you get a can of rum”?  Hilarity ensued.

Freeze it then scoop and enjoy!

*Disclosure:  Kiddies had the NA*

I think.

Margie’s Limeade Slush


  • 1 can frozen limeade
  • 1 "can" rum
  • 1 "can" Sprite
  • 1 "can" water


  • Empty the frozen limeade into a freezer-safe container. Using the limeade can as a measuring cup, add a can each of rum, Sprite and water. If you want to make the slush non-alcoholic then use an extra can of water or pop instead of the rum.
  • Freeze. Enjoy. Get a DD, they're strong!

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