Chef Shack!

by Sarah on August 6, 2010

Look Sacramento! A mobile food vendor! Believe it or not, all the regular restaurants in Minneapolis did not simultaneously implode or go out of business. Food carts CAN exist, even right next to regular restaurants, like this one.

The Chef Shack was darling and had inventive and fun choices of things to eat.  Thai curry!  Bacon beer brats!  Soft shell crab sandwich!  Goat cheese ice cream!  And all these great homemade condiments!

And even more.  I am in love with this idea.

Here’s a sweet potato taco.

And pulled pork nachos.  Both delicious.  And affordable.

Here’s the view on either side of us.  Mill City Museum and the Guthrie Theater.  In the center where we were was a little farmers’ market with a number of little mobile food vendors.  I think there were more stalls under the mill’s overhang (see below) with people selling more food and possibly crafts, but we got there a bit late to see them.

We got there just in time for snacks at the Shack!  Go over there if you’re in the ‘hood.  Good, affordable, fun food for meat and veg-heads alike.

You can read more about them here on Serious Eats.

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Melanie August 6, 2010 at 7:40 am

I wish Sacramento would get its act together where mobile food vending is concerned. I was in heaven in Austin. Those buggers were everywhere.

Gretchen August 6, 2010 at 9:41 am

Yum! So cool. I don’t know why bureaucrats in Sac can’t think outside of the box but I hope this changes.

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