A Tasty Mistake–Breakfasty Sausage Burgers

by Sarah on August 27, 2010

This is one of those recipes that was the result of a mistake.  Picture me trying to scramble and figure out what to do when I realized that I had thawed out bulk breakfast sausage instead of ground beef.  Whoops.  Someone forgot to put on her glasses!  Well I just went ahead and made burgers with it anyway.

If you want to try out my flavorful mistake, this is what you’ll need to feed 4 people:  4 hamburger buns, 4 large eggs, butter, Tabasco and 1 lb bulk breakfast sausage.  I used Bledsoe’s breakfast sausage (available at the Sacramento W/X farmer’s market on Sunday) or if you’re not in Sacramento, use Jimmy Dean or something similar.

Butter the buns and set aside.

Next, gently, gently form the sausage into patties.   Cook over medium-high heat–either a grill or in a pan–for 5 minutes or until done.  Put the buns on the heat and toast.

Meanwhile….fry up the eggs over easy, seasoning them with salt and pepper.  You might want to fold over the egg white a little bit so that it fits on top of the sausage patty.

Now the fun part–the assembly.  On top of the bottom bun goes the sausage patty.  On top of the sausage patty goes the egg.  On top of the egg goes Tabasco to taste.  Last goes the top bun!  If you want to get really fancy, you could add a thin slice of cheddar cheese.

Take a bite.  Instant yolk sauce!

Good morning or good evening.  Enjoy.

Breakfasty Sausage Burgers


  • 4 regular hamburger buns
  • 1 lb bulk breakfast sausage
  • 4 large eggs
  • butter
  • salt, pepper
  • Tabasco


  • If you are using the grill, light the charcoal.
  • Butter hamburger buns and set aside. Gently form the sausage into patties. Cook the patties on the grill or in a frying pan over medium-high heat for about 4-5 minutes, only flipping once. For the last minute, place the buns butter side down onto the grill and let toast.
  • While burgers are resting, fry the eggs over easy, seasoning with salt and pepper. You may want to fold the edges of the egg over so that it fits on top of the burger better.
  • To assemble: On top of the bottom bun, layer the sausage patty with the egg on top. Sprinkle with Tabasco to taste. Top with the other half of the bun.

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