August Garden Update

by Sarah on August 26, 2010

I took all of these pictures last weekend, prior to the current supersonic heat wave  (108* yesterday, 109* today).  As of tonight, it all looks a little parched, but FINALLY my tomatoes are ripening.  Now if I could possibly just get home after work before dark I could actually go outside and find the vegetables to harvest.  It’s a sad state of affairs people.

I do have myself a nice basil plot though, with sweet basil, spicy basil, cinnamon basil and Thai basil.  I have yet to make one Tbsp of pesto.  I’m on it this weekend though–and it’s a new recipe from the current Saveur so you can be sure that I’ll share it with you.

The now out-of-control squash plant patch.  I planted zucchini, yellow patty pan, pink banana squash and yellow straightneck squash.  Surprisingly, other than the patty pan squash, there hasn’t been all that much of it.  I am involved in a “crop swap” group, and I figured the easy way out would be to grow squash–more swap per square foot of garden space, you know?  Well, not this year.  I’ve been eating it all–there just hasn’t been that much!

I experimented with berries in pots this year and look!  I’ve already got some raspberries!  Very exciting.

Alright.  That’s it for the San Marzanos.  I get blossom rot every time, no matter how diligent I am with amending the soil, rotating my crops and watering evenly.  I’m going back to regular old Romas.

My previously very green tomatoes.

Squash vines invading the tomato rows.

Last but not least……HOPS!  I planted these about 5 years ago and while the vines grow every year, they had yet to bear any hop buds.  This was our lucky year!  Was it the heavier-than-usual rain?  Were the vines finally mature?  Who knows, but maybe the spouse will make some beer.  They are Cascade hops, for you beer nerds out there.

*Not pictured:

My tiny eggplant, I think it’s stunted.

Cucumbers.  It’s an ugly looking plant but keeps producing like crazy.  See last week’s bread ‘n butter pickles.

Okra.  My first attempt.  I was hoping to pickle them, but you know, one okra plant doesn’t produce very many okra.

Peppers.  The plants are healthy and happy, but there ain’t no peppers on ‘em yet.

Stay tuned, more garden fun on the way!

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