Birthday Adventure, Pt. 1

by Sarah on June 4, 2010

Remember this guy?  He recently turned 18.  That makes me, uh, older.  Damn kids.  For his birthday, we went out to sushi and then went bowling.

But that isn’t all of it.  Oh, no.

First, we went to see John Waters at the Crest Theater.  Probably more of a present for me than for Z, but he enjoyed it too.  What a guy, that John Waters.

As you read this, we are likely on our way to San Francisco.  Tonight we are headed for Hubert Keller’s Burger Bar, Wicked and overnight in one of SF’s Joie de Vivre hotels.

Saturday, a museum or two, then back to reality.

How fun is it when your teenage/adult kid likes to hang out with his mom?  And how awesome is it when you like the same stuff?  Let me tell you, it is pretty damn awesome AND fun.

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