My Baby’s All Growed Up

by Sarah on May 6, 2010

My life has just flashed before my very eyes!  How does this happen?  Was Nana telling me the truth….that it’s over before you know it?


Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away…….well, it was Mercy General Downtown.  In 1992.


He was generally a happy baby.  Except for when Oma held him, see below.

Chocolate ice cream was eaten.  All was good.

Many Easter eggs were hidden and mostly found.  Zak’s mom wore some lovely ’90’s clothing.

Zak grew this awesome curly hair and became one of the cutest children on the planet.

He had a very sweet demeanor.  And no, I never took him to Hometown Buffet.  He got that as a trick-or-treat.

Zak grew into quite the comedian, and connoisseur of Disney movies.

He also was quite fond of his “beanie babies”, all of which I bought at garage sales and *gasp* at McDonald’s…..because they came in the happy meals.

Zak attended college with me for more than a year.  He should be able to audit those classes now.  He wrote a Star Wars book during my Chicano Studies class.

He liked to wear this deflated ball as a hat.  Zak is silly, did I mention that?

Zak has the “baby whisperer” gene!  I passed it on to him.

Did I mention Zak’s prowess at playing the bass?  He played for 6 years in the orchestra.

And less occasionally, he rocks out at home.

Zak discovered THEATER at CKM.  He is now pursuing a career in Theater Arts.

We also discovered Zak’s favorite birthday cake.  Mint chip ice cream with an oreo cookie crust and whipped cream.

He cleans up well.

Zak’s last birthday as a minor child at the Crocker Museum.

We like to fool around.  We’re dorks like that.

I’m very proud of him.

But I’m sure as hell not ready for him to be 18.  Damn kid, you’re making me old.

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