A Leisurely Lunch

by Sarah on May 4, 2010

When on the search for the leisurely lunch, you’ll want to find a place where you can have a glass of wine.

Or even a glass of celebratory champagne.

Someplace that has quaint old cookbooks to browse through.

This picture has no relevance to this blog post except that I like it.  It was on the back page of that little cookbook.  He’s just plain adorable.

Or eat foie gras while reading about foie gras.

Or salads!  Just perfect for a warm spring or summer day.  Salads with shrimp and lentils….

Or a giant salad with a bit of everything…

Or one with brie on toast.  Not pictured is my favorite:  Salmon Nicoise.

Oh and the sandwiches!  How about trying the goat cheese and chicken pate?

Or salmon and brie?

This was a recent special…poached salmon with a wasabi mayo.  Wasabi at a French cafe?  Oui.

Got time for dessert and coffee?  A creme brulee always hits the spot.

Cafe Rolle

5357 H Street
Sacramento, CA 95819-3556
(916) 455-9140

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