Cupcake Makeover

by Sarah on May 28, 2010

Some good friends got married recently and I stupidly volunteered to make all the cupcakes. I know, I mean I REALLY know that I am no cake decorator. They taste damn good, but they’re not the best looking cupcakes on the block.  Anyway, I got them all made but was kind of freaking out about how they looked.  I was kind of embarrassed.

But once I saw them at the wedding, with all the flowers, I felt ok.  And they did taste good.  That’s Clay and Lindsey, the happy and attractive couple.  Hey!  Happy 20-day anniversary, you crazy kids!


It’s amazing what professional photography can do.

I’m even impressed with myself.  Even though the cupcakes didn’t look this fantastic in real life, it’s the photographs of the cupcakes that will be remembered!

Thank goodness for people who know what the heck they’re doing.

The talent behind these photos is Sacramento’s own Beth Baugher, proprieter of True Love Photo.

Check out her blog, and check out all the cool photos on her website.

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