Comfort Cafeteria

by Sarah on May 18, 2010

Liked a lot:

i love this lamp.

i also liked this clock.

and these chairs.

and this affordable, yet just slightly overcooked prime rib.  there was a lot of flavor here.

Liked a little:

this “fry trio” was ok too, though the i couldn’t take the fries with bbq seasoning after about the fifth one.  the plain ones were best.

Didn’t Like:

crab “beignets” that didn’t taste like crab.

wedge salad with bacon, confit tomato and blue cheese dressing.  way overdressed with bitter, unpleasant dressing.  and i didn’t like the bacon.  how is that possible?

The place was PACKED.  I don’t exactly know why.  The food was so-so, service pleasant but scattered.  I had to order my $11 cocktail three times.  Call me jaded, but the “comfort food” phenomena, served in upscale locales just really turns me off.  For me, a cafeteria conjures up visions of chipped, speckled Formica, middle aged waitresses writing on green and white tickets, and paunchy men in paper hats cooking food on the far side of the kitchen window.  I can appreciate a good cafeteria or diner.  A good ‘stick-to-yer-ribs’ kind of a place, with low prices. You know, like Mr. Perry’s or Trails.  I just have a difficult time swallowing the comfort food schtick when it’s been yuppified beyond recognition—not to mention prices that are incongruent with the fare I’m being offered.  And $11 cocktails?  Just….no.

My advice?  Stay home and make your own comfort food.  Recipes available right here on Undercover Caterer!

Cafeteria 15L

15th and L Sts, Sacramento, CA


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