SoCal, Part 2: The Parker

by Sarah on April 17, 2010

Sooooooooo. Let me just break it to you that The Parker is not there to provide you with great cuisine. What it will provide you with is sheer gorgeousness and design orgasms.   Thank you for that, Mr. Adler.

It even kind of looks like adult Disneyland, does it not? (image from The Parker)

I loved the white cinder block entrance.  I’ve had my eyeballs out for vintage cinder block for a little project of my own.

The lobby.  Did you ever see the reality show that was based in the hotel?  You can watch it on Hulu!

A sitting area.  Lots of cool chairs in there.

Some lovely ladies on the grounds.

Cocktails in the sitting area.  Too hot outside!

I love love love love these placemats.

The sunshade things were cool too.  This really reminded me of the Nut Tree. Anyone else used to go there when it was awesome?  (Not like now)

Cutesy Jonathon Adler salt n’ pepper shakers.

Foie Gras French Toast, with mushrooms and asparagus, $31.  This was grossly overcooked and made me want to cry for the  goose that gave up it’s liver for this poorly executed dish.  The foie wasn’t even cleaned correctly.

Artychoked Benedict with Truffled Porcini Sauce, $22.  Watery, bland.  Not seasoned whatsoever.  If there were truffles or porcini present, I could not detect them.

Huevos Rancheros, $22.   Yes, $22 for one egg and some chips.

This was probably the best thing that was on the table, the oddly named “Waz-Za…?”, $20.  Fruit on the inside of the waffle and on the outside and the top was bruleed so it had a nice sugar crunch.

2nd best thing, a side of sausages.

The uncleaned and overcooked foie.  Sad, isn’t it?

I was nearly as despondent as Judy.

My verdict?  Go for a few cocktails and wander around but don’t get suckered into spending a ridiculous amount of money on this crappy food.

P.S.  Jacob, our server, was really really nice.


The Parker Palm Springs

4200 East Palm Canyon Drive

Palm Springs, CA,  92264


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