Dick’s V. Peter’s

by Sarah on April 19, 2010

You think I’m joking?  There’s just no way I could make this up.  A Burnt Almond Cake rivalry between two San Jose bakeries, named, yes–you guessed it–Dick’s and Peter’s.  Please no unsavory jokes about man business, I’ve already thought of them all (and wisely kept them to myself).

My family is partial to Dick’s Bakery.  We’ve been getting these cakes for years.  It’s everyone’s favorite birthday cake!

The come in white, chocolate and rum.  I’ve only had the white cake.  The original is just so damn good!  But I’d like to try the rum one day.

They sell it by the slice, too.  This really is the perfect cake.  Light, moist and fluffy with a perfect light icing–lots of slivered almonds to give it a good crunch.

Auntie Anne and I stopped in one day when I was in town–I was there to teach her and her friends how to make Praline Bread Budding–because I’d never actually stepped foot into Dick’s Bakery.  I’d only been reaping the rewards of the many cakes that they picked up and brought to our many family gatherings.  Now, why we stopped into a bakery when we were on our way to make bread pudding?  I don’t know.  Chalk it up to gluttony.  We bought some of the hot cross buns on the bottom right also.

Look, they make other luscious looking cakes too.  This coconut number was appealing.

As was this gorgeous strawberry monster.

But for me, it always just comes down to this Burnt Almond Cake.  It’s worth the drive, wherever you are!

Dick’s Bakery

1593 Meridian Ave

San Jose, CA  95125

(408) 269-5212

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