Cheese Report

by Sarah on April 9, 2010



We had an awesome turnout for the Cheese-Stravaganza cheese class.  And as you can see, we did not go thirsty either.

What we sampled:

Fresh goat cheese–Soignon, France

Fresh goat cheeses have a lot of moisture and are prone to spoilage quickly.

“Purple Haze”–Fresh goat cheese with fennel pollen and lavender.  Cypress Grove, CA

Goat Brie with  a blooming rind.  Woolwich, Canada

Bloom rind cheeses are washed with wine!

Epoisses, a washed rind stinky cheese from France.  Gooey.  The best.

Chaorce, another bloom rind cow’s milk cheese from Canada.

Lamb Chopper, a semi-hard sheep’s milk cheese from California.  Waxed rind

Pecorino al Tartufo, a semi-hard sheep’s cheese from Italy.  TRUFFLES, people.

Roxanne said you can tell cow’s milk cheeses from sheep’s because the cow’s milk cheeses are yellower and the sheep’s are slightly oily.

Vella Dry Jack, a hard cow’s cheese from California.  Wax and Cocoa coating.  This was the first hard cheese used in New York by high end restaurateurs like Daniel Boulud, because good Parmesan was hard to come by.

Gorgonzola Dolce, a cow’s milk blue cheese from Italy.

Bayley Hazen Blue.  From Jasper Hill Farm in Vermont.  Cow’s milk.

We had some condiments to compliment the stronger cheeses too–Spanish honey, fig jam and some jellied grape must.  I just love the juxtaposition of sharp, strong cheese with something that’s almost cloyingly sweet.  I love to have cheese and jam or honey for dessert.  So satisfying.

All in all, a highly successful evening, and one I hope to repeat soon!

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