Woman on the Verge of….

by Sarah on March 4, 2010

Last week before the surgery incident I had an opportunity to help out over at the Verge Gallery. They needed some snacks for a big presentation and snacks happen to be something I’m very familiar with.  I had never been in the Verge Gallery before—sadly I missed the Daniel Johnston showing and probably a lot of other cool stuff too.  I very much enjoyed the tire fire in the middle of the floor.

And a giant Swatch!

I made charcuterie platters and each plate had a cute little macaron wrapped up like a wee present.  The macarons were from Le Petit Paris, in case you were wondering.  The pistachio and the coconut-passionfruit are divine.

Most of this stuff was from Corti Bros, so head on over if you want to check any of it out.  Speck ham, French-style rosette saucisson, Irish blue cheese, dry Jack, St. Andre triple creme, cornichons, roasted pimenton peppers, niciose and those crazy green olives, almonds, dried pears, dark chocolate covered pomegranate seeds and a wee microgreens salad.

Tasty morsels.

But that was last week.  Here’s what’s happening this week.  Although I took the big bandage off today.  I don’t even have stitches!  I love my doctor!  Still no cooking, but maybe I can get back to it this weekend.

And don’t forget—today at 5 PST is the deadline to enter the contest to wine the super awesome Mundial chef’s knife!  Go HERE to leave a comment and subscribe by pushing the little orange “subscribe” button.

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