Sauteed Beet Greens with Smoked Turkey

by Sarah on March 9, 2010

Do you know what this stuff is? It’s not salad….well, I guess it could be. They are beet greens—the stuff that sticks out of the ground while the beet rests peacefully underneath the soil. Baby beet greens sometimes make it into your spring greens mix that comes in a bag, but these big ‘uns you don’t see at the store very often.  I got these at school—they were making something with the beets but these lowly greens may have been destined for the trash heap, so I took them home and got G to cook ‘em up.

First, saute some chopped shallot in a bit of olive oil.

Usually we use bacon when we make greens, but G had smoked some turkey drumsticks the other day (they were on sale!) so we picked the meat off and decided to use that instead.  Healthier too, really.  You can find smoked turkey at the store if you can’t smoke it yourself.  You can use wings or drumsticks.  Or just go ahead and use bacon or a ham hock.

Add a bit more oil and crank the heat to high.  Add the turkey and stir it about so that it becomes a little crisp.

Add a touch of apple cider vinegar.  About a Tbsp.

Add the greens.  We had a TON.  Just pile them all on there, they’ll shrink.

See how much they shrank?

Toss them around using tongs.  When they’ve cooked down more, season them.  G actually put in a little honey.   Use salt sparingly because of the smoked turkey or bacon, just use a bit at a time till it’s correct.  I also added some chili flakes or you could use Tabasco.

And that’s it really.  I like how the beet greens leached out their red color and dyed the turkey red.

Dinner is served.  Put the Tabasco on the table and dig in.

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