It’s Good to be Bald!

by Sarah on March 27, 2010

This post is long overdue, but what can I say? Well, nothing really, other than what I already said this week, which was very Nana-centric.

This month’s Mulvaney’s Monday was in honor of the St. Baldrick’s event…..many heads shaved to benefit childhood cancer.  And the Mulvaney’s team was on board—there were many baldies present.  We commend you, Baldies!  As you can see, it was also a very “punny” evening…..

Hooray for daylight savings time!  I actually got decent photos of the passed appetizers.  This was some sort of fancy Cheeto.  I forgot what it was though, sorry.  That’s what happens when you wait 6 days to write about an event.

This I didn’t forget….because I ate about 5 of them.  Corned PORK!  Yummy.

An in an homage to ’50’s cocktail parties…..the always fun salami cornet with cream cheese and pepperoncini!

Our bald patron saint of pork.

G was getting artsy while waiting for food.

Shaved Rainbow Vegetable Salad~red and yellow beets, fennel, watermelon radish, tarragon vinaigrette

Pasta Dave’s (my bald hero) Ricotta Gnudi~

Mushroom and chard saute, Fiscalini cheddar

B is very excited!

Braised hare with a full head of Capay cauliflower~Nantes carrots, delta asparagus, whole grain mustard

The rabbit was first fried, then braised.  Not a preparation I’m familiar with for rabbit, but tasty nonetheless.

Key lime pie with a toasty meringue lid.

They gave us 2 pies.  Boy, were my kids happy when I brought home almost an entire pie for them to scarf down later.

It was served with a strawberry and blood orange sauce.

In the end~complete and total delicious dinner destruction.

Mulvaney’s B&L

1215 19th St, Sacramento



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