Happy Birthday Nana! Val’s Burgers, Hayward, CA

by Sarah on March 25, 2010

My Nana, Mary Patricia Smith Singleton, was born on this day in 1921. She would’ve been 89.

This is the house in Hayward that she lived in my whole life.  I spent much of my young life in this house.  I was in the neighborhood last week and decided to do a drive-by.  The street is one-way now!  How weird.

Well, I got all sentimental so I decided to go to Val’s for lunch.  Heard of it?

We all used to go there for burgers and shakes.  Sometimes we’d eat there, and a lot of times we’d get it to go.

It’s a pretty rad little burger joint.  And the make the shakes the old fashioned way…..and they give you a big glass PLUS the metal shaker that’s half full.  That’s a lotta shake.  And the MALT’s!  The chocolate malt is really to die for.  I can’t believe I didn’t have one.  I regret that decision now.  Every burger is grilled to order and the decor hasn’t been updated since….ever.  And to me that’s a good thing.

I only got a baby burger. But it was plenty. And cooked medium rare and juicy, just how I like ‘em.  On a squishy roll, grilled so that it’s crispy on the inside.

And Nana, I got us a birthday present.


2115 Kelly Street, Hayward, CA


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