Wouldn’t You Know We’re Riding on the Marrakech Express–Marrakech, Sacramento CA

by Sarah on February 8, 2010

It’s been a while since I’ve been to Marrakech.  Marrakech, Sacramento that is.  On Fulton Blvd.  One of two Morrocan restaurants that I really enjoy here in town.  And I think they are both owned by the same family.
I love the lighting.  Wouldn’t this be great on a patio?  My patio?
This spot sells Morrocan beer and wines.  The other place that I like does not.  This was a pleasant lager beer and it went well with the food.  It was pretty uncomplicated.
First, you get harira–lentil soup.  No spoons here, pick up the bowl and drink it.  Look at the light reflected in it!
This is the “Morrocan Salad”–A combination of different vegetables dressed in a vinaigrette.  Clockwise from left:  Carrots, green beens, potato, tomato, potato and eggplant in the center.  I love this dish.  They give you hunks of bread to eat it with–no utensils, remember?
The next course is bastilla.  Traditionally made with pigeon, this version is chicken, egg and peanuts, encased in filo pastry and dusted with confectioners sugar and a hint of cinnamon.  I love this dish too.  I’ve made this in school, but not yet at home……Hmmm, maybe an upcoming Undercover Caterer recipe post?
Here we are, diving in and burning our fingerprints off.  It smells and tastes so good you just have to go for it, even as your skin is smoldering.
Typically you order an entree and get the soup, salad, bastilla first, then whatever you ordered.  Because we were with a large group, they brought out a number of entrees for us to sample.
First were the kebabs–chicken and lamb.  The lamb was better, the chicken a bit overcooked.
This is the chicken with honey and prunes.  My favorite chicken dish there.  I love the sweet/savory thing going on there.
Lamb with honey and sesame.  Again the sweet and savory thing.  Some folks didn’t like this as much but I liked it a lot.  The meat was so tender!
Chicken with lemon and olives.  I always wonder where they find such small chickens?

Vegetable couscous.  Lovely and light.  And finally some spoons.
And entertainment!
Our server pouring dangerously hot tea from amazing heights.
Yummy, sweet mint tea.
And  my favorite!  Yippee!  Baklava!
It’s a pretty reasonable night out, really.  About $20 per person for 5 courses?  And bellydancing on the weekends.  My kids love it.
1833 Fulton Ave
Sacramento, CA 95825

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