Sac Beer Week at Mulvaney’s

by Sarah on February 25, 2010

I’m sure you’ve all been perched on the edges of your seats, waiting to see and hear about Tuesday nights dinner at Mulvaney’s B&L; for Sacramento’s First Annual Beer Week.  So as not to disappoint, I bring you Beer Week Family Meal—well, really Patrick Mulvaney brought it to you, but I will be ever your humble servant and report on it.
Sorry, I’m rambling. 
Upon entering, they had a beer station set up so that you could taste some of the items that weren’t being served with the meal.  They had Lagunitas Pilsner, Rubicon Pilsner, Pliny the Elder, a couple of Firestone beers, and maybe one other that I can’t recall.  I’m not a hops lover, so I enjoyed the Lagunitas Pils the most.  G may report on this later over on his bloggity, so you may want to check in with him–as he’s the real beer expert in the household.  Besides, I had to drive so I had to take it easy.

There were some delicious passed appetizers!  Homemade goat sausage, duck liver mousse and an elderberry served on an apple slice, fried duck giblets with wasabi, chicharrones, and my favorite, ahi confit with olive tapenade on crostini.  Really tangy, refreshing and light.  The goat sausage was a close second.  And the duck giblet was a close third.  Heck, they were all pretty dang good.
Time to get this party started.

First course:  Roasted asparagus, country ham, frisee and chopped egg
First beer:  Firestone double barrel ale
For me?  This would be a perfect spring evening dinner.  This would be all I need.  The ham and egg make it substantial and the asparagus was tender and just slightly charred.  Yummy.  The beer was an interesting pairing and ended up being one of my favorites of the evening.  Smooth and not too hoppy.
(Becky, if you are reading—Country Ham!  Let’s order one!  It was sweet, smoky and intensely HAMMY)
Oh Dave.  You and your pasta.  It’s positively seductive.  Silky, light, so full of flavor…
Second course:  Yukon gold and garlic chive agnolotti with crispy bacon and butter sauce.
Second beer:  Lagunitas brown ale.
I liked this beer, but not so much with this course.  I just didn’t get it but then again, I’m not a beer gal so maybe it was just over my head.  Seemed too strong and it overpowered the delicate pasta.  I would take the beer or the pasta again–just not together.
Third course:  Roast Cache Creek chicken, tiny potatoes with greens.
Third beer:  Stone IPA
IPA is not my cup of tea.  Hoppy for shiz.  G liked it though, in fact he drank mine.
The chicken was juicy and succulent.  The tiny potatoes were buttery and succulent.  The greens were greeny and succulent.  I ate too much.
Don’t you want to take a bite?
We ate 2 platters.  We thought we were done.
Until the next platter of entree came.
Fourth course:  Pork adovado with cheesy grits and more greens
Fourth beer:  Russian River Supplication Ale
Oh golly, this pork was sublime!  A little spicy but the spice was calmed by the creamy, cheesy grits.  And more of those succulent greens.  But those grits.  I’m still thinking about those grits.
And that beer!  I LOVED that beer!  It kind of reminded me of cider—it was tangy and sharp.  According to their website, Supplication ale is a
“Brown Ale aged in French oak Pinot Noir barrels with three strains of Brettanomyces, Lactobacillus, Pediococcus and sour cherries.”  Sour cherries?  No wonder I liked it.
Fifth course:  Sticky buns with strawberries and creme Anglaise.
Fifth beer:  Porter—I didn’t catch who the maker was, sorry.
Sixth beer:  Rubicon winter wheat wine…weighing in at a lethal 11.5% alcohol.  Yowza.
Gorgeous.  The brittle on top was yummy.  The strawberries were yummy.  But the buns were hard.
Tough buns.  Not a highlight.  Good thing I ate all those cheesy grits.
Obviously, the tough buns didn’t deter the table from demolishing them.
Five courses and even more beers later, we all waddled home fat and happy, and dreamt dreams of the next family meal four weeks from now.


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